Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah No. 19

Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19                                                  


Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19 

Topics Discussed in Lodge 2012

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Content to be added after the 1st Stated Meeting of the Year by the Worshipful Master

Here is the Worshipful Master's tenative calendar

Jan.12th Stated meeting Springer Jewel and presentation of officers

Feb 9th Stated meeting: The history Prince Hall Masonry Presented by Brother
Gary Sheppard and a Grand Historican

March 15th: 19th century baseball. Baseball in the 1860's. A completely different

game from today. Speaker from the Philadelphia Athletics 19th century club.

April 19th (3rd Thursday because of Passover): Grand Lodge of PA Librarian

May 10th: Historican from the National Park Service to speak out the
Encampment at Valley forge and Lodge 19

June 14th: Brother Barnum and Bailey and Tom Thumb (comedy)

September 13th: 10 gallon Hats, it's all about movie cowboys
October 11th: PM night

November 8th: Veterans Night and Memorial Service
December 13th: Election night






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