1. Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19: The last 20 years. (1992-2002)

2. Montogomery Lodge No. 19 Historical Perspective 1997-2004

3. The Past Masters of our combined Lodge

4. History of Montgomery Lodge No. 19  & The Lodge Notice cover from Montgomery Lodge No. 19

5. History of Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 155  & The Lodge Notice cover from Mount Moriah Lodge No. 155

6.The Lodge Notice & dues card from E. Coppee Mitchell No. 605

7. The Lodge Notice from William B. Hackenburg Lodge No. 703

8. The Lodge Notice from Bayse Newcomb Lodge No. 745

9. A Masonic Tour of Philadelphia


More Lodge Notices from the combined Lodge’s will be added soon. If you have any historical information from the lodge, ie, photograph’s, letters and notices.

Please email them to hackenburg-mt.moriah@palodge19.com or mail them to Michael S. Feldsher 723 Ross Drive Langhorne , PA. 19053


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